Special Events in Shenandoah National Park

National Trails Day
National Trails Day is a great opportunity for both new and experienced hikers and backpackers. Shenandoah National Park has teamed up with the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club to teach and practice trail skills. The day is filled with demonstrations, presentations, and of course hiking. There will be a number of Trail Patrol members leading hikes for all ages and experience levels. This is a family friendly event. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes and to bring water.

National Park Service's Birthday
Celebrate the National Park Service's birthday with Founders Day Celebration activities and programs for children of all ages. The events will highlight the Park Service's role in preserving and protecting natural areas so that they can be used by future generations. The United States is the first country to establish national parks and now has nearly 400 of them, each of which has its own identity. Parks can offer recreation, education, and commemoration for notable individuals and their achievements while preserving stunning natural wonders and landscapes.

National Public Lands Day
Join fellow volunteers in an effort to preserve the Big Meadows cultural landscape during National Public Lands Day. All participants will lend a helping hand with the field work. The work will include the use of folding handsaws and loppers to remove the black locust saplings. Long pants and closed toe shoes are highly encouraged. Volunteers should bring food, water, bug spray, and sunscreen. Tools and leather gloves will be provided.

Civilian Conservation Corps Reunion
Shenandoah annually honors the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) with a Civilian Conservation Corps Reunion. This is a great chance for the public to interact with alumni and hear about their experiences firsthand. The CCC was created in the early 1930s as a work relief program, giving young men jobs on State and Federal lands during the Great Depression. The national parks that exist today would not have been possible with the CCC's efforts.

Wilderness Weekend
Celebrate America's wilderness during the annual Wilderness Weekend at Shenandoah. This event is a collaboration between the park, the park association, and the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC). During the weekend, PATC volunteers will be stationed at multiple Skyline Drive overlooks to share their expertise with park visitors. Visitors will have the opportunity to try the standard tools that are used for wilderness trail maintenance. They will also get knowledge about the vital role that trail upkeep plays in preserving wilderness for future generations.